Service 1

Campus Ministry

Wesley Foundation Merced’s Campus Ministry provides spiritual care and guidance to individuals and/or groups of students, meeting them where they are and helping them attain fullness of life, through spiritually nourishing activities that unlock body wisdom and enhance their connections with Self, the Divine, Others, and the World.

Service 2

Interfaith Collaborations

Wesley Foundation Merced increases the opportunity for collaborative ministry with other campus interfaith groups and nonprofit organizations by at least one additional group per year.



Service 3

Wesley House

Wesley House continues to provide an affordable, diverse, inclusive and intentional living Christian community to eight college students, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, gender, belief, status, and other divisive characteristics.

Wesley Foundation Merced aims to increase the number of students served as additional resources become available.


Addictions 911: Crisis, Recovery & Hope (March 20, 2024) @Merced College