Wesley Foundation Merced (WFM) is a non-profit organization, which has been operating since 2005. It provides ministry to Merced College, UC Merced, and at Wesley House, an 8-student intentional Christian community. WFM’s mission is to transform the lives of students for the transformation of the world. The Foundation, through its Campus Ministry, offers Bible Study and Meditations on Sacred texts, to deepen the Christian faith, enhance ecumenical solidarity and interfaith unity. Its “Journey Conversations” and Mindfulness Practice aim at equipping students with resources to meaningfully address and engage relevant issues, including anxiety, addiction and the overdose crisis, COVID-19 pandemic, depression, economic insecurity, climate instability, gun violence, loss of faith, gender-related issues, partisan politics, and the chaos and information overload from the social media.

Wesley Campus Ministry of Merced promotes living an authentic life in the Creator/Divine/God of many names through fellowship, retreats and spiritual growth studies, community service and social justice ministries. It is transforming lives for the transformation of the world. The Wesley Club @Merced College and UC Merced is radically inclusive, welcomes persons from all walks of life regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, and faith.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Wesley Campus Ministry of Merced has been seeking creative outlets for engaging spirituality, theological discourse, and other activities provided to students at UC Merced, Merced College, and at Wesley House. We offered online events, such as Dance Chapel, Interfaith Meditation on Sacred Texts, Hip Hop Meditation, Storytelling Party, Coffee Hours, and In the Silence and Stillness: A Meditation Practice.

Wesley Campus Ministry, in collaboration with its Interfaith partners – Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Beth Shalom Meshiac, and Faith in the Valley hosted an Interfaith Tabling event at Merced College in August 2021, to provide students with some resources that could enhance their physical, mental, and spiritual health. In December 2022, the Campus Ministry held another Interfaith Tabling event at Merced College, in collaboration with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Beth Shalom Meshiac, Baha’is of Merced, and the Fresno Buddhist Temple. And in April 2023, Wesley Campus Ministry partnered with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and the Fresno Buddhist Temple in hosting an Interfaith Tabling event at UC Merced, as part of the Campus Ministry’s Bridging the Gap Retreat-like Training.

In the Fall Semester 2022, Wesley Campus Ministry of Merced started in-person meetings with groups of students at Merced College, UC Merced and at Wesley House. In August 2023, the Campus Ministry held an in-person Meet and Greet session at Wesley House where the UC Merced Community Engagement Center (CEC), which presented their Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement to the residents/students at Wesley House and other students from UC Merced. During this event, Wesley House was also honored with the presence of UC Merced’s Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer, who gladly accepted the Campus Ministry’s invitation to visit Wesley House.